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ENSA: European Nursing Students Association

L’ENSA ? Mais quel drôle de nom…

Créé en 2014, l’ENSA, l’association européenne des étudiant.e.s en soins infirmiers permet à la FNESI ainsi qu’à d’autres structures européennes homologues une représentation au niveau européen.

De par son spectre international, la FNESI s’est très vite intéressée à l’action de l’ENSA pour faire avancer ses positions à un niveau plus que national.

Ainsi, dans un but de développement de la culture internationale, nous te proposons cette article en anglais, tu peux retrouver la traduction avec ce QRcode !


Overall, the subjects that ENSA deals with are around training and its organization and the representation of nurses. For example, the board is working, on an amendment to Annex 5 and Article 31 of the European Union’s Directive 55, which frames our training to rejuvenate our teachings. They are also on reflections of harmonization of training. This allows the development of ERASMUS + exchanges !

Promoting more leadership, ENSA has naturally enrolled in the Nursing Now campaign and is even the head of Nursing Now Youth Europe ! (Want to know more about the Nursing Now campaign ? A whole article is waiting for you in Serum 58).

One of the new big projects at ENSA is also a desire to see more gender equality in training and the profession. Because even if we consider that our French balance at about 80/20 is weak; some countries do not exceed 5% of men in training and profession …

One of the major innovations introduced by the outgoing board led by Viviana Lundberg, a Sweden student, has been to push student nursing representation into professional bodies : be it by very close links to the EFN (European Federation of Nurses) or the ICN (International Council of Nurses)

All these topics and much more were discussed at the last ENSA General Assembly held in Athens on October 17 and 18, 2019. All these strong wishes of the outgoing mandate led by Viviana Lundberg, allowed a real renewal of ENSA ! It is now at the new board, led by Croatian student David Mlakic, to take up the challenge !

ENSA 2019-2020 board :

  • Président : David Mlakic, Croatie
  • Vice-President : Ziga Metelko, Slovénie
  • Board Member : Bartosz Priba, Pologne
  • Board Member : Nikolas Xouliaras Simitzis, Grèce
  • Board Membre : Tanguy Guibert, France

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Tanguy GUIBERT, Vice-Président en charge des Affaires Internationales

Sérum 59 – International (FR)
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