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Nursing Now, et si les infirmier.e.s du monde allaient plus loin, ensemble ? / Version EN

Launched in February 2018 by her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, the Nursing Now campaign aims to give nurses a new central place in health systems all around the world. Already active in more than 80 countries around the world, the campaign’s impact get each day stronger.

5 propositions

The campaign is divided in 5 major axes, which are :

  1. Be valued and respected for their central role into health system
  2. More prevention and promotion of health made by nurses and for that, help themselves with new technologies, give patients more space and invest more primary health care.
  3. More nurse involvement into health policy development.
  4. Maximizing nurse contribution to expanding universal health coverage in new health systems
  5. More financing from governments into nurse student training, work condition improvements and leadership ability enhancement

All of these 5 proposals was edicted to enhance global health, empower women and nurses and finally to strenghten local economy. 


At launch, it was planned that the campaign will stop in 2020 for the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale birthday. Thus, 5 main aims were think to be realized before 2020.

Generally, there are about investment into training and the profession, improvement of practice, more influence and responsibilities of nurses on the health world.

Until then, the board of directors, made up of health professionals dedicated to the nursing cause, do influential work with political and financial partners from around the world to advocate for a better place for nurses in health systems.

You reader, now you have read this article you are a spearhead for the development of Nursing Now !

If you want more informations about Nursing Now, how it works or what you could do to participate to this global project to enhance your futur job go visit their website : www.nursingnow.com or send an email at ai@fnesi.org 

Tanguy GUIBERT, Vice-Président en charge des Affaires Internationales

Sérum 58 – International (EN)
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